HasanaH is pleased to provide its donors from the Muslim faith with an opportunity to maximise the impact of their almsgiving this year.

Be it through your Zakat or Sadaqah, your shared blessings can now reach credible causes anywhere around the world in the most transparent and accountable manner.

HasanaH is committed to deliver One Platform for you to navigate through up-to-date mapping of global needs, build your own portfolio of giving towards your personalised interests, and track your philanthropic impact over time – all with innovative implementation, while being respectful of Islamic traditions and principles.

Explore more than 5,000 vetted projects in 150 countries across 14 humanitarian, development and environmental causes.

By registering on HasanaH, you will be joining the on-line community of one of the most powerful digital giving platforms in the world, with unprecedented participation by locally led and multilateral beneficiary organisations and unparalleled technological tools.

Avail the various functionalities on HasanaH to make informed choices,

Calculate and deploy your Zakat and Sadaqah
• Track the impact of your contributions
• Create your own fundraisers and invite your Muslim brothers and sisters to join you in supporting the causes that you are most passionate about.

HasanaH is grateful for the support that it is receiving from its corporate partners. Help us deploy these contributions towards the projects that are most important to you by joining the HasanaH community this Ramadan.