Women's Housing Coalition, Inc.

Mission of the organization

The Women's Housing Coalition has been working since 1979 to provide permanent housing and supportive services to homeless women, including mothers and their children. Our mission is to support individuals and families with permanent and affordable, service enriched housing. The women served by Women's Housing Coalition each have a diagnosed disability such as a chronic health condition, mental illness or addiction, and little to no income when they enter our program. Many come from generations of poverty and have experienced trauma contributing to their homelessness. Our housing is provided in four multi-unit buildings we developed -- Calverton, Bennett House, Jenkins House and Linden House-- and through scattered site apartments we lease. Women's Housing Coalition is the only source of permanent supportive housing for homeless women with children in Baltimore City. The program has no age limits. In addition to babies and young children, frequently older teens and young adults remain with their mothers in Women's Housing Coalition units while they pursue their own education and employment opportunities. Every year a number of women and families are able to move on to more independent housing in the community. Women's Housing Coalition serves approximately 125 women and 45 children annually.

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Women's Housing Coalition, Inc.

119 East 25th Street
Baltimore, MD, 21218
United States