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Imagine an East Africa where foreign aid isn't required because communities are empowered to find solutions to their own problems. Tin Roof Foundation is working towards that by creating a culture of selfless generosity. Through our "Corporate Philanthropy" and "Simply Do Good" programmes, we provide processes, platforms and people to drive philanthropy. Not the modern version of philanthropy that involves writing a large cheque but the original definition: "love of humanity". Corporate Philanthropy We define Corporate Philanthropy as "Leveraging assets for the good of the community and the growth of the company." Our work in this area involves helping corporates understand the impact of their philanthropy, not just in the communities in which they invest, but in their employees and their business. We provide services including company review, strategic development of a meaningful corporate philanthropy plan and implementation of the strategy. Simply Do Good Simply Do Good (SDG) is the fast-growing, grassroots, youth volunteer movement that Tin Roof Foundation began in Kenya in 2016. SDG acts as a catalyst for selfless generosity that has a positive impact. To date, several hundred volunteers have given over 10,000 man-hours to projects around Kenya. To support both of these programmes, Tin Roof Foundation is developing a network of High Integrity High Impact nonprofit partners. Through this, we can provide an outlet for generosity where people can donate their time, skills and resources assured of the impact that the organisation is having on the ground. We provide support services for these organisations by - networking on their behalf - making connections - providing training opportunities - consulting and providing advice on the running of the organisation as a whole or a specific project or campaign - facilitating group discussions and meetings so that the organisations can learn, share and grow together As an example of this, one of our supporting documents is a resource we have collated to show our partners' response to COVID19 pandemic in Kenya. Our role has been: - sourcing information and encouraging them to think about how to package their appeals - providing advice on how they can use their current resources to support their community - hosting fortnightly group discussions where each organisation shares what they have been doing, what has worked and what hasn't so that others can be inspired - finding and sharing resources that partners can use - connecting potential donors to projects

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