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Mission of the organisation

We work in a place that is 97% ethnic Khampa Tibetan. Our mission is to promote health among the ultra-poor, those who earn less that US 15/day, in remote Qinghai Province, China. With few roads, cars or electricity, creating access to services is a high priority. Creating access to quality care is our aim. Our goal is to create greater access to free quality health care and earlier intervention, focused on mother and child health.The main problem is to empower women and girls. Our primary goal is to overcome world-record high maternal and infant mortality/morbidity. The downstream effects of healthy moms and babies impact Tibetan culture, more strongly than re-introducing wolves has restored Yellowstone National Park, US. We have accomplished this with a regional medical center, in place for 24 years, a model for rural health care delivery among the ultra-poor that is being prototyped in the Yushu Public Health System. Our clinic treats over 1500 patients/month or over 15,000/ year. The cost of providing these services, all in, salaries, meds, overhead, is $7.75/patient visit.

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Surmang Foundation

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