Self Reliance Promoters' NGO

Mission of the organisation

SEREP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization situated in Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The area is ranked as amongst the least developed nationally, with limited infrastructure, high birth rate, high unemployment, as well as a high level of HIV/AIDS transmission and widespread poverty. This distressing situation prompted the formation of SEREP in 1997 with an aim of addressing the social problems caused by such and to Serve the underprivileged ones without boundaries. We work in several projects which are identified in accordance with the felt needs of the people and friendly to the environment. Orphaned and Vulnerable children's education remain our top priority. therefore, providing education to Orphaned and Vulnerable children, participating in developing projects that can benefit communities and advocating for those in need remain our front line concern.

Live Projects


Self Reliance Promoters' NGO

PO Box 27 Kumbo
Kumbo, Bui Division, 237