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What Rise Up & Care Does: Identifies: Rise Up& Care identifies and builds personal relationships with leaders of successful, passionate, and innovative non-profits in developing communities around the globe with at least five years and preferably ten years of success. All of our partners use high-level performance training to transform the lives of young people. We believe that performance-based organizations provide a ladder of inspiration, teamwork, identity and opportunity for success. These include a range of activities like badminton, acrobatics, theater, dance, photography, soccer and more. We believe performance-based organizations can provide long-term transformations and professional opportunities. We do not support new organizations or start-ups, as the failure rate is far too high. Invests: Rise Up& Care believes in long-term relationships established though an extensive vetting process where we personally meet organization leaders and participants and spend time at their locations. Our due diligence process includes reference checks and a detailed review of historical performance and accomplishments. Partner organizations must have transparent accounting practices. Rise Up & Care invests in these established life-changing organizations to expand their work through enhancement grants. Inspires: Rise Up& Care believe that high quality film is a powerful medium for telling important stories and inspiring the world. Rise Up & Care inspires our partner organizations, their communities, and the world through high quality short and long documentary films. The world must learn about these inspirational leaders and organizations! We are producing a series of one-hour documentary films, directed by award-winning co-director of City of God, Katia Lund. Check out the trailers here and here! Why is our model of charity different and more effective in creating positive change? 1. Effectiveness of donations. A). Administrative costs: Administrative costs for international non-profit charities often consume more than 50% of all donations. At Rise Up& Care, our board of directors pays 100% of all administrative costs and no founder or director will ever receive a penny of salary. 100 cents of every dollar of tax-deductible donations goes to further the inspirational work of our partner organizations in Brazil and beyond. B). No start-ups: Start-ups in technology in the Silicon Valley or in charity projects in the global south fail at a 75-95% rate, and most international charity projects-even good ideas by good people-fail because they are start-ups. Rise Up& Care only partners with organizations that have succeeded for many years and we exhaustively vet each organization and their leaders in multiple face-to-face meetings. Multiply the effectiveness of your international charitable donations! Rise Up& Care will help efficiently transform the lives of young people as 100% of all donations go to further our cause to support successful and vetted organizations. 2. We are the junior partner or sidekick, our partners in the marginalized communities of the global south are the senior partners or superheroes. Many international charity projects look for junior partners in developing communities to help implement their big ideas from the United States or Europe. This continues a legacy of colonialism and imperialism and snuffs out the flames of leadership and innovation in developing communities. Rise Up& Care inverts that relationship, we help to further the big ideas and innovation of local organic leadership and ideas. We are never the heroes or senior partners. We believe in the innovation and passion and ideas of locals. 3. We believe in the power of communication and inspiration to change attitudes and the world! The world is very cynical, especially about developing communities and charity projects. Even in Brazil, there are largely only negative stories about the favelas and the people that live there. Rise Up& Care believes that it is imperative to showcase the leaders, volunteers, parents, and participants of these awesome organizations. Rise Up & Care produces a variety of high quality documentary films to showcase and inspire. Powerful, inspirational, and authentic documentary films of the highest quality are central to our mission. 4. The power of performance! Rise Up& Care believes that high level performance training in an array of sports, music, dance, photography, circus, university entrance exams, theater and more is a powerful and proven approach for transforming the lives of young people. High-level performance creates a ladder of success, winners that can mentor younger kids as role models, life-changing travel to events, discipline of many hours of practice, career opportunities, and heightened self-esteem for the young person and community. Rise Up& Care want to partner with GlobalGIving.Org to raise funds for an incredible partner organization in Rio de Janeiro, Miratus Badminton Association. You can watch the trailer of a documentary that Rise Up produced about Miratus at www.badbirdiemanmovie.com. We want a Books to Birdies campaign to fund travel to tournaments for the young athletes at Miratus, which is essential.


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