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Mission of the organisation

The mission of the Ri'ayah Foundation, Inc. is to provide disadvantaged children in Liberia education, healthcare, nutrition, inspiration, and motivation while enabling them to live healthier, more independent lives. Individual empowerment and self-determination have always been strong components of the organization. Our mission is accomplished by addressing the critical issues of illiteracy, lack of available educational programming, and health care through programs and services that exercise high standards of ethics, coupled with best practices in management and accountability. We are dedicated to helping each person reach his or her individual potential by encouraging a belief in personal responsibility, instilling habits of hard work, and demonstrating a passionate commitment to excellence. Our goal is to empower vulnerable children in Liberia by providing them with access to a high standard of education, healthcare, good nutrition and much-needed inspiration and motivation to improve the quality of their lives and ensure that they live happier, healthier lives and are able to realize their full potential. We aim to: - Provide children in Liberia with the opportunity to learn and develop so they can grow up to support their families and become an integral and healthy part of their communities, and - Provide children with educational materials and opportunities that equip them for school and the job market, and inspire them to become independent thinkers and future leaders.

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Ri'ayah Foundation Inc

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