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We believe that while talent is universal, opportunity is not. Ongoing conflicts have caused millions to flee their homes and most are now living below the poverty line, where they face challenges accessing high-quality, market-driven training and employment. Millions more have been cut off from traditional ways of making a living due to political and economic strife, which has resulted in a generation of young people desperate for economic opportunities. At the same time, there are thousands of unfilled software engineering jobs and that number continues to grow every year. This challenge is partially rooted in the growing mismatch between skills and employer needs. If unaddressed, the problem will likely intensify as the digital revolution transforms society, economies, jobs, and people's lives. With the average rate of displacement estimated at 26 years, there is a need for a sustainable education and employment model not bound by geography and enables displaced individuals to rebuild their lives, learn market-relevant skills and prepare for the future of work. According to data from governments as well as key stakeholders in countries that Re:Coded operates in, the qualified workforce gap in the IT sector hovers around 30%. Many local IT firms state that their number one problem is finding qualified candidates for open positions. Although there is a clear demand for qualified workers in the IT sector, vulnerable youth are working informally and lack training opportunities. Providing training that leads to employment and/or entrepreneurship opportunities offer a chance for more economic security and stability. Re:Coded is a social impact organization integrating conflict affected youth into the labor market and taking on the global digital skills gap. Through our intensive programs, we train conflict affected youth for successful careers in the rapidly growing technology sector as software developers and entrepreneurs. In addition to providing training and career support through our 5-month fellowship program, Re:Coded's innovative operating model includes Re:Coded Labs - a digital agency staffed by graduates from our programs. Re:Coded targets youth aged 18 - 30 that have been affected by conflict without access to quality education or dignified employment. We take a human-centered approach to all our work and as such, beneficiaries are at the core of our mission. To better understand their needs, we host workshops and events, enabling us to get anecdotal feedback from potential bootcamp participants. This allows us to contextualize and adapt our curriculum for each community. During the bootcamps we survey our students, enabling us to identify challenges and course correct to ensure their success. Additionally, the Re:Coded alumni that work with us, play a key role in ensuring that our solution coincides with the needs of local communities. We are integrating conflict affected youth into the labor market and taking on the global digital skills gap. Through our learning accelerators, we train youth for successful careers in the technology sector as software developers and tech entrepreneurs. On average, at least 40% of our students are women, helping to bridge the digital gender divide in technology. Our model adopts a blended learning approach with a focus on practice as a way to learn more efficiently. Our curricula are online, and teaching takes places a few times per week, when students and trainers come together in person to practice and learn from each other. Because we believe learning to code alone is not enough, we also teach our students powerful skills like leadership, communication, and problem solving, thereby making them competitive in any job market. One of the most powerful components of our approach is the apprenticeship element. After completing the curriculum over the course of 3 months, students spend 2 months working in teams for a real client who wants a prototype web application or website developed. The Re:Coded team gives them support and advice during this journey, when they apply the skills they've learned and gain real work experience with a local or international clients. In addition to providing training and career support through our programs, Re:Coded's innovative operating model includes a digital agency - Re:Coded Labs. Our agency is staffed by graduates from our programs and 50% of the profits generated through Re:Coded Labs is reinvested back into our education programs, to fuel our mission and growth. By connecting talent with opportunity, Re:Coded empowers graduates to bring change to their families, tech companies, and communities in MENA and across the globe. Our estimates indicate that over the next 10 years, our current 200+ graduates will have a $240 million impact on the MENA economy.

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