Project Phoenix

Mission of the organisation

Project Phoenix enables asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants in Europe to find ways to integrate and grow professionally and economically. We are a European NGO and social business supporting and empowering migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Our pilot project is in Cyprus, an island with the highest rate of refugees per capita in the European Union. Operating at the intersection of sustainability and social innovation, we carry out our work through entrepreneurship, incubation, training, mentorship, and networking. Using a systems approach, we empower and work hand in hand with motivated and ready migrants to help them become successful professionals and entrepreneurs. We assist them in becoming community advocates, who pay it forward within their communities and host countries. Project Phoenix as an organization is young but ambitious. The people behind it have a vast experience in human rights, systematic change models, sustainability and NGO management. The organization has been deliberately self-funded, in order to allow for maximum flexibility when building, testing and implementing our pilot project. We now believe we are ready to advance to the next level with the experiences and case studies that we have conducted in the last year.

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Project Phoenix

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