Programa de Educacion Comunal de Entrega y Servicio, Inc.

Mission of the organisation

The mission of Project P.E.C.E.S., Inc. is to promote the educational, economic, and social development of southeastern Puerto Rico. The mission of the organization is directed to four programmatic areas: education, youth intervention and health, economic development, and community development with a special focus on youth development. Each goal seeks to strengthen the capacity of the southeastern communities- especially their youth - to resolve their own community problems. The Program for Community Education through Commitment and Service, Inc. (P.E.C.E.S., Inc.) is a non-profit community organization incorporated in the State Department of Puerto Rico, with federal tax exemption (501-C-3) and state tax exemption (101-6). The goals of Project P.E.C.E.S., Inc. are directed to four programmatic areas: education, youth intervention, economic development and community development. The objectives of P.E.C.E.S., Inc. are: To contribute to the economic development of southeastern Puerto Rico. To form leaders that participate in the social development of their communities. To improve the educational opportunities of southeastern Puerto Rico. To strengthen families and communities through programs directed to impact high risk behaviors. To prevent child abuse and neglect, high risk behaviors, and negative conduct through an integral program of prevention, counseling, orientation and social work. To reduce and prevent the abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, AIDS, violence, and juvenile delinquency. To provide youth with positive alternatives, service opportunities, and leadership formation. Project P.E.C.E.S., Inc. is very proud of our following accomplishments: Operating the first licensed and accredited high school created especially for school drop outs. Preparing more than 600 community youth leaders throughout our 25 years of service in southeastern Puerto Rico. Administering the Natural Reserve of Humacao, based upon a contract of 15 years with the Natural Department of Resources, as an initiative to create employment and community economic development, as an ecological tourism business and as an environmental protection project. Project P.E.C.E.S. Inc. has established a Youth Development Center Winning the prestigious Tina Hills Award in 2003 for excellence as a non-profit organization

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Programa de Educacion Comunal de Entrega y Servicio, Inc.

PO Box 647, Punta Santiago
Humacao, 00741
Puerto Rico