MICAIA Foundation (Fundacao MICAIA)

Mission of the organisation

The Capabilities Approach gives us the basis for our theory of change. The long-term change we seek - our vision - is a Mozambique in which all people have the capabilities to prosper. Our mission, therefore, is to help bring about a Mozambique in which all people have the capabilities to prosper. The preconditions for this mission being achieved are many, and MICAIA cannot meet all of them. But we can make a contribution to achieving some of the main ones: A society in which basic needs for food, water, energy are met A peaceful, tolerant society in which all citizens are afforded and enabled to act on rights and entitlements, and in which active participation in debate and civil life is encouraged A society that ensures that its management and use of natural resources balances the needs of the current generation with those of generations to come An economic model that enables innovation and rewards initiative but benefits as many people as possible These preconditions are the High-Level Outcomes we strive for. They are based on some key assumptions: First, we assume that in Mozambique currently, these preconditions are far from being met; however, We assume that the majority want change, and of the type we advocate We assume that it is possible, within Mozambique, to ensure that basic needs for all are met - that the resources and potential for wealth creation are there We assume that the international and national laws and treaties provide an adequate basis for active citizenship if only people have the knowledge and freedom to act We assume that it is not too late; that it is still possible in Mozambique to achieve a sustainable balance between conservation of natural biodiversity and ecosystem services small-scale production of crops, livestock, etc, and commercial development We assume that there is a willingness in the private sector to develop more inclusive business models if they can be shown to be profitable Our theory of change is that MICAIA can make a contribution to achieving these high level outcomes by achieving impact at our level of engagement - communities in a few places where we work over a long period of time. In our Theory of Change we define this as Community Level Impact. Mirroring the four pre-conditions we highlight above, MICAIA pursues community level impact in four areas - which we refer to as Pillars of Local Prosperity: Food security and the local food economy Active Citizenship Sustainable management of natural resources Diverse and inclusive local economies

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MICAIA Foundation (Fundacao MICAIA)

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