Kharkiv rehabilitation centre 'Pravo vibora'

Mission of the organisation

The mission of organization is to improve the quality of life and integration in society of children and youth with disabilities by their integrated rehabilitation. . Goals: Creation of necessary conditions for rehabilitation of youth and children; Stakeholders and social institutes (academic, specialized general secondary and higher educational establishments, charitable foundations and community organizations) Involvement in disabled youth problem solving; Promotion of necessary informational, methodological and academic materials; overcoming negative disabled people stereotypes in society; promoting disabled youth employment and supporting them socially during employment process; training of graduates and students with disabilities for future careers and independent living (self-service in everyday life, environment orientation, communication basics, human rights acknowledgement, introduction to computer technologies), building skills for social relations, social environment adaptation; Psychological assistance for individuals with psychophysical disabilities and members of their families, assistance in case of force majeure situations; Optimal conditions creation for communication, work with creative youth, cooperation with the state youth services; Cooperation with domestic and international organizations that address the complex problems of disabled people rehabilitation.


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Kharkiv rehabilitation centre 'Pravo vibora'

Kirgizskaya 10,, Lenina Avenue 26, ap.46 ,
Kharkov, Kharkov, 61105