High Atlas Foundation

Mission of the organisation

The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) is dedicated to catalyzing prosperity and endorsing grassroots development with disenfranchised communities throughout Morocco. HAF aims to empower social groups to identify, implement, and sustain projects that are most beneficial to them. HAF aims to make sustainable prosperity a reality by training communities to integrate a participatory, agency-based empowerment approach into human development initiatives. HAF operates like a "nursery" for social transformation, with a unique and innovative value chain model which builds self-sustainability for targeted communities. 10 Operating Principles that guide what we do and how and why we do it: 1. Empower communities to take charge of their own development through a participatory approach. 2. Include all community members and ensure the diversity of gender, race, age, socio-economic status, and physical ability. 3. Support projects that communities have determined and committed time and resources to implement and manage. 4. Partner with government and non-government agencies to ensure development is collaborative, transparent, and sustainable. 5. Encourage self-reliance through training programs and capacity-building. 6. Use local materials and knowledge and respect and celebrate cultural values. 7. Link local development to national and international opportunities and agencies. 8. Work in communities where our community partners invite us to work. 9. Promote friendship and partnership between Moroccan and American people. 10. Uphold diversity of Moroccans and Americans a and men and women and ages a on HAF Boards.

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High Atlas Foundation

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