Good Sense Dogs

Mission of the organisation

We believe in the connection between pets and people. In order to help our community, we educate people and train dogs. By aiding current pet owners, educating potential pet owners, and providing assisting animals to those who need them, we work to improve the lives of people and pets alike. Good Sense Dogs has two programs that serve the community with an eye towards helping pets and people alike. The focus of our training program is training dogs with purpose for people who need them. Our difference from other trainers is in specializing and customizing trained dogs for people who need or seek dogs with a purpose. This may be service dogs, therapy dogs, dogs with specialized skills, or just dogs who are trained with unique and desired capabilities. We rescue dogs with promise and train them to maximize on their potential. Our education program, Ahead with Tails, gives communities that are often otherwise without pet care knowledge or resources the tools they need to be capable pet owners and, potentially, with vocational skills to help them in the future. Good Sense Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that depends on donations and grants to reach our goals and serve the public.

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Good Sense Dogs

4241 River Swan Lane
Sacramento, CA, 95834
United States