Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ/ Doctor Piotr Janaszek PAY IT FORWARD Foundation

Mission of the organisation

Imagine a world in which people with disabilities do not feel like an obstacle, they work, have their passions, decide about themselves and are happy. Doctor Piotr Janaszek Pay It Forward Foundation helps to build such a world. From 2004 we have provided rehabilitation and other forms of assistance to people with disabilities. Every year we offer aid to over 200 people who want to learn independence despite disability. They want their dreams to come true and have a happy life. In special training apartments, people after accidents learn how to live in wheelchairs. During sport activities, they improve fitness and motivation. They prepare for work during trainings because they do not want to live on public assistance. They develop artistic talents and even started their own theater. Assistants help children to do homework, and with adults they do shopping, cook together, learn to move around the city. Disabled children from all over Poland come to our Little Explorers Camp to learn independence. We are happy to share our knowledge with other organizations. Specialists from all over Poland come to the Foundation to learn modern methods of therapy through art. We give parents of disabled children training in coping with the hardships of everyday life and help them to organize better, so they have also time for themselves. We meet with children and young people in schools to inform them about disabilities and teach them how to avoid accidents. Teachers from all over Poland use our lesson plans. We prepare volunteers to work with the disabled. We train officials and professional drivers, including those in public transport in Konin. Thanks to our audits more and more buildings are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Fundacja im. Doktora Piotra Janaszka PODAJ DALEJ/ Doctor Piotr Janaszek PAY IT FORWARD Foundation

ul. Poludniowa 2a, 62-510
Konin, 62-510