China California Heart Watch

Mission of the organisation

The China California Heart Watch brings together experts from the United States, China, and around the world. Together, we use innovative and sustainable methods to combat the growing epidemic of heart disease in Yunnan Province, China. Our overarching mission is to serve the people of Yunnan through: (1) Training local healthcare professionals in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease; (2) Improving access to high-quality healthcare and life-saving treatments; (3) Researching the epidemiology of heart disease, the effectiveness of our interventions, and other topics of critical value to rural Chinese populations. The activities of the China California Heart Watch generate no profits. We operate solely through the generosity and vision of our donors, foundations, and granting agencies. To learn more about our organization, we invite you to review our website and to get in touch with us directly.

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China California Heart Watch

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