Cathwel Service

Mission of the organisation

With the consistent faith that is "only the love of Jesus can make the life sturdier and stronger" and with the core value that is "we sincerely proffer service to the human being with spread of love, respect, concern as well as professionalism", Cathwel Service is devoted to protection and assistance to the children and women in need, helping them seek after bright and promising future from the existing dilemma and open other window for their new life. Cathwel Service was founded by Father Francis J. O'Neil in 1949, being a branch in Taiwan of the U.S. Catholic Relief Service. To import and distribute the goods aided by USA were its principal jobs at that moment. Due to changes of local society, Cathwel Service turned to the social welfare and service gradually. Meanwhile, Cathwel Service became an independent institution and set up the foundation in 1984.


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Cathwel Service

No. 155, Sec. 2, BeiShen Road, Shenkeng
New Taipei City, Taiwan, 222