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Mission of the organisation

Assisting families with disabled children to find pathways to hope and healing. We are a retired American couple who live in the Philippines. Since our move here in 2016, we have been sharing our time and skills with children and families in need. Through our non-profit ministry, we have tutored children, planned social activities for children, helped raise funds to complete a small kindergarten classroom, and have contributed many hours partnering with other non-profit organizations to expand the help that is needed. Our ministry has become particularly focused on children with disabilities. During our time here, we have noticed a number of local children suffering from orthopedic and muscular disabilities due to birth defects, cerebral palsy, clubfoot, etc. We have recently focused our efforts on families who cannot afford or do not have access to surgical, prosthetic or orthotics options that can correct such defects. Our mission is to reach out to families whose children may benefit from the assistance we offer and subsequent physical therapy for their disability. Many families in remote areas have never traveled far from their home villages and do not have the skills or the means to coordinate with doctors or suppliers. We assist and accompany parents through the entire process of obtaining a professional diagnosis for their child's condition. If surgery is a viable option, we partner with Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao for the procedure. Our ministry covers all expenses of travel, food, and lodging for the family members. We are grateful that the Tebow Cure Hospital offers their professional services for little or no cost to families with low income. Following surgery, we partner with the Handclasp Program at Little Children of the Philippines to make sure the family can continue with the child's prescribed physical therapy regimen. Many of the families in remote areas have difficulty accessing adequate medical care and physical therapy. Without adequate follow up care, the benefits of surgical correction will not be realized. Our ministry helps provide transportation for these medical needs and follow-up routines while offering constant encouragement and support until each child is fully healed. Without your contributions we could not fulfill our mission of accompanying families through the life-changing opportunities of surgery, prosthetics or orthotics and physical therapy. Your generosity helps us cast a wider net here in the Philippines to connect more children in need with the services available to them. Cast Your Nets Ministry is a 501(c){3) charity organization register in the United Sates. We thank God for your gifts and for your continued concern for God's people in the Philippines! Rhonda and Joel Jurasinski

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Cast Your Nets Ministry Inc

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