Bal Asha Trust

Mission of the organisation

"Bal Asha Trust believes every vulnerable child has the right to a brighter tomorrow. Our charitable organization advocates for the emotional and physical safety of children uprooted by destitution. We provide children with access to a safe home, nutrition, quality medical care, education, recreation and rehabilitation. Bal Asha also places children in stable family environments by reuniting them with lost relatives or finding loving families through legal adoption. We aim to ensure the development of children through special programs such as education sponsorship and developmental centres for disable children. Additionally, our dedicated team of professionals strives to spread local and global awareness of the many challenges faced by these children and their families. Above all, we believe in empowering children with hope and better future to each child in need of care and protection."


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Bal Asha Trust

Bal Asha Trust, Anand Niketan KGVM, Rakhangi Chowk, Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400011